Flower Medicine Ways

Flowers have been used as sacred medicine by ancient cultures and Wise Elders of this Earth for millennia – their medicine being that which strengthens our connection with the spirit of nature to improve our personal and planetary well-being. The Ancients took healing with flowers very seriously and had a deep respect for the wisdom of nature.

Flowers speak a language our soul understands. They talk to us visually through their intricate sacred geometry, design, colours, textures, and to our senses through their essence. In my unique Flower Medicine Ways workshop I introduce you to the soul language and healing power of live flowers and their essence, sharing my experience, passion and love for my flowers with you. I teach you about the intelligent library of medicine flowers hold, with ideas of how to embrace Flower Medicine Ways into your own life and work.

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Date: October 3rd 2019

Max: 5 people

Price: £150

Venue: Orchard Oast Flowers

Time: 9.30am to 4.30pm.  

Delicious vegetarian lunch, tasty refreshments and lots of good dark chocolate included. Plus, an abundance of vibrant, colourful seasonal flowers and supporting greenery to work with, plenty of laughter, heaps of inspiration, peace, and your personal choice of flower essence from my English Garden Flower Essence ranges to take home with your flowers.

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